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How To Backup iPhone and iPad Photos

If you have an iPhone, especially the latest one, you probably use it to take a lot of photos and videos. The cameras ...

How To Upload Files To iCloud From a PC

The lack of cross-platform compatibility between iOS and Windows devices can be the cause of major headaches. In the past, we’ve shown how you can access iCloud on Android, but the process ...

How To Watch YouTube Without Ads

Everyone loves to watch YouTube videos—we even have a YouTube channel of our own—but no one likes watching ads. If only ...

How to Fix Gmail When It’s Not Receiving Emails

Gmail is a reliable email provider 99% of the time, but it isn’t without problems. One of the biggest ...

How to Clear Any Web Browser’s History

Whenever you surf the internet, your browser records the addresses of every web page you come across in its history. That allows you to keep track of past activity and also ...

How to Use Google Tasks

There are plenty of task management apps out there designed specifically to skyrocket your productivity. However, you don’t always need a new app to stay on top of your tasks. Sometimes, a simple ...

How to Stream Apple Music on Fire TV Stick

Amazon Music is the default music streaming service on all Fire TV devices. If you have an active Apple Music subscription, you can link the service to your streaming stick instead of ...

How to Claim a Business on Google

Building a strong online presence for your business and brand is extremely important. Since Google is the go-to search engine used by the ...

How to Open Really Large Text and CSV Files

MS Excel can display 1,048,576 rows. While that may seem like a really large number in normal usage, there are plenty of scenarios ...

How To Use Android Auto

Most modern cars come equipped with Android Auto to help you access and add additional features to your car. If you see this feature’s icon in your car, you might want to ...


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