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The Beginner’s Guide To IFTTT

Now, more than ever before, technology is cropping up left and right that promises to make our lives more convenient. From the widely recognizable Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to more ...

How to Screen Share on Discord

Discord is an excellent alternative to conference call services like Zoom or Slack. It’s free and comes with all the same features that you’d expect from a telecommuting app, including the ability to share ...

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram

Dark mode in apps like Instagram is popular for reducing eye strain and saving battery life. Dark mode turns most of an app’s interface black and looks cool too. There are two ways ...

How to Setup Gmail in Windows

If you’re running Windows, you might be happy to know that there is now a simple and elegant way to view your Google email, contacts and calendar using built-in store apps ...

How Your Home Network Works

Using your home network is as easy as typing in a password and opening your Netflix app to watch a movie, but your network and everything that’s needed for it to ...

How to Backup Chrome History

It is only after you lose your browsing history that you realize how much you relied on it. You’ll waste hours and hours tracking down all the important websites you frequently ...

How to Use Google Sheets Drop Down Lists

When creating Google Sheets that other people need to fill out, a dropdown list can simplify the data-entry process. You can pull the items for your dropdown list from another range ...

How to Embed Google Forms in a Website

If you’re struggling to get a form on your site, you could install a plugin for basic functionality, but that may further slow down your site if you already have many plugins. With Google Forms, ...

How to Repost on Facebook

To keep your social media pages fresh, you need to constantly add content to entertain your current followers and attract new ones. However, coming up with fresh content to create new ...

How to Create a Group in LinkedIn

Similar to a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group gives you a spot to meet and discuss career-related interests with others. Maybe you haven’t found the right group or perhaps the one you ...


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  • Phone: 619-618-1912
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