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As Seen on NBC, Robert Black Interviewed by Consumer Bob of NBC San Diego:

Interview with Consumer Bob Hansen about Tablets and their uses.

TeQ I.Q. Mission Statement!

TeQ I.Q. has 20+ Years of Clients who Pay Less, Get More & Best Support!

TeQ I.Q. is part of a Movement that helps Free Customers and their Technology from Frustrations and the Large Corporations, by giving them Fair (BETTER) and Consistent (FIXED) pricing and (FREE) time you deserve from the technology they already HAVE and USE!
At TeQ I.Q. we Listen and Hear our Customers!

What is unique about TeQ I.Q.?

We are 20 plus years in Business. Businesses and people around the world rely on TeQ I.Q., and you can too. TeQ I.Q. is a leading innovative company which provides technology solutions for all our Consumers and Business needs.

TeQ I.Q. is a technology company that customizes technology solutions for you.

TeQ I.Q.’s unique structure allows us to service and support the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) and Small Business markets while offering a wide range of products such as Mobility (Cell Phone), Internet, Wireless Internet, Mobile Backup Internet, Network Monitoring and VOIP Phone services, TV, Car and more.

"TeQ I.Q. Makes Your Technology Simple and Easy"

If you are frustrated with any of your technology ie... (Internet, Cellphone, Phones, Computers, Networks, TV, Car...) Call TeQ I.Q. to resolve all your technology issues. We take away your technology frustration (headache)!

Life is busy. Do you have time to deal with a computer that isn’t working properly? Are your systems up to date on security and software issues? Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming and frustrating. Why not let the computer experts at TeQ I.Q. take care of your technology needs? We’re the people to call when you have security questions, your network breaks down, when your machine or software needs to be upgraded, when virus and spyware issues appear and even when you’re about to throw your computer out the window.

We are not geeks, gadget guys, or commissioned salespeople - we're technology professionals. You can count on our trained technicians to work until each problem is solved. After all, we care about our customers and your peace of mind.

TeQ I.Q. is a technology company  that makes services that are reliable and convenient. We’re your friendly local computer professional, and we're eager to tackle all of your business or home technology needs. Call us today to put our experience to work for you!

In addition to over a dozen years of sales, service and support experience in the Computer and Wireless industries, we have done several projects and support in Southern California for both Small and Nationally recognized companies.

TeQ I.Q. keeps you PRODUCTIVE and PROTECTED that gives you PEACE of mind all the Time to use any device from anywhere in the world!

As is evident, we are a strongly supported office with a highly professionalized staff. We take great pride in building an account's list of exceptionally satisfied partners.

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About Robert Black, CEO (Founder)

Robert Black has been in the technology industry for over 23 years and is one of the most knowledgeable and respected individuals in the business . His expertise spans a wide range of disciplines including virtual office, computer and network security, telecommunications, wireless, Internet and VOIP. In addition, Robert has held positions as manager and consultant for T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. During his early years in business development he was consistently in the top five in T-1 lines, long distance, wireless phones and wireless data.

Currently a founding partner and entrepreneur with TeQ I.Q. he has worked and consulted for some of the largest and most demanding companies in the country. JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Bank, NCR, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, Payless, Chili's Restaurants, 7-Eleven and Jamba Juice to name a few. Robert continues to be one of the most sought after experts in the field and is committed to bringing every customer the best trouble free products & services for all their business needs.

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