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We setup Business eMail and Hosted Exchange eMail for your business.
We Setup Business Hosted VOIP for your Business.
We repair all computers and server for you business? We provide advice and consulting to suit your business needs.
Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T.), the industry’s leading support plan for small businesses
We sell and setup Hosted Server for you Business that you don't have and need the cost and support for a local server.
We offer Data Backup to protect all your important Business Data.
Lose your Computer Data well not to worry we can recover it for you.
HAAS allows you to purchase computer equipment without outlaying all the money we can help and finance your computer equipment.
We can setup your Internet for make your business secure so that your business data is safe.
We design, build and host your website for you.
We do SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to get your website highly ranked on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc... We do SEM (Search Engine Marketing) we setup your website to be marketed properly on the search engine.
We setup Video Security and monitoring for your business to protect you and your business.
We help you setup all your paper documents and make them electronic and organize them for you.
We sell Laptops and offer laptop repair service.
We sell and offer repair services for computers and servers for you and your business.
We offer on demand IT services for your business needs.
Have you bought a new PC and need help learning how to use it? We can help you learn basic PC skills necessary to run your new PC effectively. Or do you need help learning how to run your new cd-rw drive? We can help train you on your new equipment and software.
Give us a call for any other problem or solution you may need!
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