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How to Make a Playlist on Spotify

Making your own playlists is a great way to have all your favorite songs in one place. It can also be useful for capturing certain moods or to have music for ...

How To Make A Instagram Story

While Facebook’s been losing audience with every new data leak and privacy scandal, Instagram seems to be as popular as ever. All in spite of the two networks being practically linked together. Whether ...

What Is the Google App and How to Use It

The Google App can be confusing. You see it on your phone screen with just a big G that suggests “Google”. You may not even ...

How to Fix Couldn’t Load Image Instagram Error

There are few things more frustrating than tapping an Instagram image only to see a “Couldn’t Load Image. Tap to Retry” error. There are many reasons this error occurs, most of ...

How to Fix Google Assistant

Is Google Assistant not working when you say “OK Google”? Unfortunately, there are many things that can make Google Assistant stop working. In this article, we’ll cover 13 fixes that are ...

What Is Vlogging?

With the advent of YouTube, now more than ever it’s possible for anyone to gain a following on the internet with their own videos. Vlogging, which is the conjunction of video-blogging, is ...

How to Use PayPal on Amazon?

If you’re a frequent user of PayPal, then the odds are pretty good that you usually have some funds tied up in your PayPal account. Wouldn’t it be convenient to just ...

How To Transfer Files Via Bluetooth To Your PC

If you want to transfer files between different devices, you have a few options. You could use a direct cabled connection, but this only works if your device supports this and ...

How To Edit a YouTube Video Without Losing The Link Or Stats

Have you ever noticed an error in your YouTube video after it has already been uploaded and shared by ...

How To Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Android

Does your Android phone’s Wi-Fi constantly drop connections? Find out why Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and what you can do to fix Wi-Fi connection problems on Android. The Wi-Fi on your Android ...


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