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What Is Private DNS

If you’re concerned about your online privacy, private DNS can help. It lets you send network data to a custom, secure DNS server and encrypt those queries. Here’s how it works and ...

How to Make a Business Card in GDrive

Google Drive can be your free business card maker when you want it too. It won’t overwhelm you like other design tools do ...

How to Fix Buffering on YouTube

With today’s blazing fast internet speeds and cutting-edge desktop hardware, choppy YouTube videos are supposed to be a thing ...

How to Use Telegram for HQ Photos and Videos

Telegram is considered one of the best free messaging apps for several reasons. You can use Telegram to exchange large files with your friends, have secret chats, edit or delete messages after you ...

What is My Google Activity

When you search on Google, watch YouTube videos, or use Maps to get directions, you leave footprints for Google to collect. Data is ...

How To Use Windows Autohotkey

If you work from home or attend classes online, then you no doubt have phrases you type on a regular basis. Or maybe you have a specific file you need to ...

How to Reset Your Roku Device

If you’re having issues such as freezing with your Roku streaming device, whether it’s a Roku TV, Roku Express, or Roku streaming stick, ...

Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the hottest technology trends these days. From simple storage solutions to complete enterprise applications, a lot of computing is moving to the cloud. But as our ...

How to Create a Group Page on Facebook

Facebook is known for being a place online where people can meet others, share information, and create communities around a common ...

How to Send a Text Message Anonymously

When you want to reach out to someone, you don’t always want to do it publicly. The best way to send an anonymous ...


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  • Phone: 619-618-1912
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