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I first heard of Robert J. Black when I had an ailing computer. He was described to me as a “wizard” at all things electronic. I have since come to accept wholeheartedly that description of him.

He put together a truly nifty computer for me that had impressive speed and display. He was able to transfer all the data and programs from my old computer to the new one. It was truly convenient because he came to my home and set up the computer, making sure that everything was working properly. And when I had a problem with a scanner, he was able to resolve the issue by working around the software that was causing the problem. On more than one occasion, he was able to resolve what I was sure was a hardware problem by simply getting into the software and fixing things.

For those reasons, I can recommend Robert J. Black as wholeheartedly as those who recommended him to me. He truly does have a way with computers that other IT people don’t quite have—at least, not to the degree that he does.

Richard Stratton, Author San Diego, CA

Hi Blacky:
You bailed me out once again today! You got to be the most prompt, knowledgable technical expert in San Diego. I’d recommend you to anyone with a small business.

Thanks again!

Bill Martin, MFT

Robert has been among our best service providers since I have been with the company. Apart from having great knowledge and experience with electronics, he has displayed excellent punctuality, reliability and responsiveness. When I send over a work order, I can always have confidence that the job will get taken care of in a timely manner, I’ll be kept informed and that the customer will be satisfied.

Aron Bohl Kiosk Information Systems

Hi Robert,

Just a note to thank you again for getting my machine back in working order. I really appreciate the courteous and professional manner in the way you conduct your workmanship and treat your customers. It is a pleasure to watch you find the items to click with the mouse in quick order. Keep up the good work. You can count on me to recommend your shop to anyone who is need to solve a computer problem.

Vernon Kahn

Dear Robert,

As time goes on, my wife and I are appreciating the value of “having someone to walk with” the process of upgrading telecommunications equipment and software. I could have saved some money at the front end, but would have more than “spent it” in frustration afterward, not to mention having to deal with my wife’s frustration as well. You have earned your money!

Jose Arjona


I would like to again thank you for your assistance and determination to solve my computer problems, no matter what, and asap. I really appreciate you making yourself available when weird things decend on me like bogus updates from Microsoft or a sour sync with ATT that screw up my email or iPhone – you find a way to sort it out and keep my systems – which are key to my business – all up-and-running. It takes a long time in a community to find people who provide reliable and quality service and equipment. In this overwhelmingly complicated world of electronic media, I’m glad your out there when I need you.

Paul Ross PB Consulting

Best-Rate finally found an IT professional that can handle our needs. Robert Black. Robert took the time to ask questions to determine our needs not just give a fast solution. We were having email problems and he broke the steps down to make the switch over as painless as possible. To keep the business working smooth he handled the bulk of the work off site and after hours. Robert showed extreme patience teaching our staff the how to’s with the system. At a latter date one of our computers crashed Robert was able to recover all the data and came up with cost effective solutions in the rebuild process to make the computer faster; all while installing a company wide back up system to prevent the problem from happening again. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone needing his services.

Jeff Mudd President
Best Rate Repair
San Diego, CA

Thanks for your help in resolving my computer problem. I have been putting off getting my e-mail problem resolved because I wasn’t sure who to call and I didn’t want to leave my computer somewhere. You were able to figure out the problem and fix it over the phone in a half hour, maybe less. So I’m happy that I can send photos using my computer and I’ll refer you to my friends that have a problem.

Carole Robb Point Loma
San Diego, CA

As a Wife and a Mother of 3 lovely children Blacky was able to answer and address all of my computer concerns. Two years and multiple IT consultants later, my iPhone and desktop are finally fully communicating! Thank you Blacky 🙂

Shoshana F Sternlieb, PHD San Diego, CA

To say that Robert Black (aka Blacky) is a LIFE saver, would not be overstating the facts.

Blacky has been a guiding force for our business, allowing us to successfully implement a new POS system and actually understand all of the "tech speak" that goes along with a sophisticated system. Where other tech companies had kept us in the dark, Blacky shed a bright light on our business needs so that we could make educated and informed decisions.

When it comes to honesty and integrity, TeQ I.Q. is the BENCHMARK. Blacky delivers much, much more than he promises, and he promises a lot. In short, when you hire TeQ I.Q. you'll get a company who will save you money and valuable time.

Speaking on behalf of all our employees, Robert Black walks on water! There is no better tech support professional.

Jovan Van Drielle, President Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique

We contacted Blacky after doing an internet search, and we are so happy we found him! Blacky had to spend a few weeks fixing a "technical mess" that another company created, and went above and beyond to remedy the situation.

Blacky not only fixes any technical issues you are having, but also streamlines your current system to save you time and money. In Blacky, you don't just get a knowledgeable Computer System Professional, but also someone who cares about your company and wants to help you succeed. He always answers our calls promptly and schedules us right away. In the time Blacky has spent helping us, our staff has gotten to know him well... so much so that we now call him part of our company "family".

Lyssa, Store Manager Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique

Robert J. Black and TeQ I.Q. literally saved our small business from an IT meltdown. Blacky is knowledgeable, his terms are cost efficient and best of all, he explains exactly what is needed in non-tech, layman’s terms so you know what the problem is and how it will be fixed.

Starting out in a new business is daunting itself; trying to ascertain your IT needs and systems is complex and time-consuming. Blacky was able to analyze precisely what our business needed, and integrate new software smoothly and painlessly. He also assisted immensely with training the employees. He can do it all; I don’t know where our business would be if we didn’t find him. He and his company are unique and incomparable and I would trust and recommend him for any IT needs, both personal and commercial.

Veronica L. Miller Executive Assistant to Barry K. Fingerhut
Certification Partners, LLC

Robert and RBSI has been an asset to our company for over 5 years. His commitment to excellence and dedication positively impacts our business daily. Our highest recommendations to RBSI and Robert Black (Blacky)

Gerald O’Hare Network Dynamics

Mr. Black was contracted to service my clients in the San Diego area early in 2004. He quickly proved to be a reliable expert with in-depth knowledge and a tenacity to get the job done right. He has rightfully taken his place as our primary service partner for my clients in San Diego and beyond. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert Black for any of your IT needs.

Matthew Campisi Field Services Manager
NCR (Radiant Systems) (Aloha)

I was referred to Blacky by a dear friend. I was impressed from the get-go. The first meeting he came to my home and picked up my computer and returned it within three days. Blacky provides excellent and reliable service. He always puts his client first. He resolved my computer problem and offered advice to help with any future issue. Since becoming a regular client, I have seen a vast improvement with my computer and if issues do arise he is always just a call or email away to fixing it.

He is very responsive and timely. He takes the extra time to explain what needs to be done and does exactly what he said he would do. He can remotely fix many issues which is convenient and a time saver. He is an expert in his field and is a consummate professional. I highly recommend him as he was recommended to me. I am very grateful and appreciative of Blacky and all that he does to help me with my computer needs. I would not be without Blacky to take care of my computer.

Hey Blacky, you’re quite welcome. It is 100% sincere, and I thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me and continue to do. I honestly don’t know how you do it all, but you do and do so very well. Computers are everything in this day and age and it’s only going to continue to grow and expand, and the world needs you and others like you to keep it all going.

Sheri Falk San Diego, CA

As a busy physician in solo private practice and father of three, I place a premium on having an IT consultant who is professional, knowledgeable, available, punctual, and tirelessly dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. In Blacky, I’ve found all this and more!

Being Blacky’s client is like being right down the hall from the top-notch IT guy whose office door is always open. Have a computer glitch? Can’t get your kids’ soccer schedule to sync with your patient care schedule to sync with the billing program to sync with the conference that your iphone thinks you’re attending this weekend?? Just walk down the hall—Blacky’s “door” (virtual door, that is) is always open for any question, big or small!

After 8 years of IT consultants, medical billers, schedulers, computer repairmen, thousands of dollars down the drain on practice management software systems with shoddy customer service reps and long waits on hold, endless trips to the Genius Bar, etc. my electronic misery days are FINALLY over! Blacky thoroughly researches all the options available and presents you with a range of IT strategies for simplifying your life in ways you’d never even thought of. I whole-heartedly recommend Blacky for any and all of your IT needs.

Geoffrey F. Sternlieb, M.D., Inc. San Diego, CA

Most employers have an IT person or department who keep the computer network running as smooth as possible, helping to ensure its protected, and are readily available to handle both system and individual issues. As someone who works at home, this type of support is essential to my getting work done and downtime is costly. TeQ I.Q. is my solution. Robert provides excellent personalized service and truly knows what he is doing. He responds quickly to any issues I have. But most importantly, he has proffered solutions that keep my computer up and running with a very minimum of issues. All this for a low monthly fee. I couldn’t be more satisfied and highly recommend TeQ I.Q.

Lorna Hardin Chula Vista, CA

My wife and I had just bought a new computer, and we had hardware and software issues, as well as issues with transferring our emails from the old PC to the new one. On a recommendation, we called Robert. We’re so happy that we did! It was a Saturday, and Robert was able to make an onsite visit that same day. He was very thorough in his services, which even included extracting the hard drive from our old computer . We recommend Robert for his computer knowledge, his tenacity, and his thoroughness in solving any challenges you may have with your computer or laptop.

José Paul Moretto Fear No Numbers
amazon.com and bn.com
San Diego, CA

There’s no question about it, Blacky has that Sixth Sense about computers. When I call him with a problem, I can feel that as I am describing it to him, he is already exploring in his mind how to fix it. I recently had a problem with an email that contained a virus. When the computer went upside down, I called Blacky and immediately spoke with him (he takes his calls pronto). He tried to fix it immediately by phone (so that I could save the gas of taking it to him), but it was worse than I had thought and it needed his personal attention. So I immediately drove to Blacky and a short time later, he had isolated the problem, cleaned up the computer, and I left with a big smile on my face. Blacky is THE man you need to have as your computer support person.

ENF Del Mar, CA

Thank you Blacky, the way you set up my emails has made it much easier for me. Now I have all my emails in one place and it is simpler for me to read them. Thank you so much.

Mom Brooklyn, NY

I have worked very closely with Robert Black for over 7 yrs. Mr. Black is always very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services to anyone or company that would like a speedy first time resolutions.

Evadne Matthews Dispatch Center Manager
NCR (Radiant Systems) (Aloha)

Blacky has been awesome and has saved us on this project. We appreciate his flexibility and diligence is making sure everything is done right.

Rita Woods GTI PME West Region Project Manager
Rita Woods, JP Morgan Chase PMP

I just want to let you know how very much I appreciate the work you do. No matter what the question, you always have the answer. Your technological knowledge is unsurpassed, and your reasoning powers are to be admired. You have proven this to us time and time again. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking any type of technology.

Doris Gold and Morris Porter

TeQ I.Q.’s unlimited support and repairs have been incredible! Blacky has been there for me with fast, reliable and terrific service.

Peace of mind is knowing for just $35.00 per month, even after the hard drive on my computer crashed, I knew I was still protected. Office Anywhere allowed me to access all my documents, keep me productive, and protected!

Dana R. San Diego, CA

Looking for good value and reliable responsiveness,? do business with Robert Black, computer expert. We have worked with Mr. Black for all our computer purchases, tech support and ongoing trouble shooting for over 5 years now and highly recommend his services and expertise. Besides his technical talent, one of his most valuable assets is response time and sticking with a project until successfully concluded.

Stephanie and Steve Moseley Solana Beach, CA

I want to thank you Blacky for being so diligent with your services.

We signed up for your internet based phone service switching from AT&T, and it has been hassle free for us. You handled all communication with AT&T (which saved us lots of time being on hold!).

In September our AT&T U-verse cable internet went down (AT&T’s fault) and they couldn't get to our store until the following day. This brought our store to a standstill since our cash registers run on an internet based program. You promptly arrived at our store and installed a backup internet connection. This enabled us to operate until AT&T came the next day. In addition to coordinating all with AT&T, you got them to give us a credit for lost service. Then the following month when we got a bill from AT&T with an unknown charge, you called and found out that they had erroneously charged us for new equipment (and got the charge removed).

In addition, several weeks ago while my partner was working, he had a problem with a customer. He called the police non-emergency line (but since it was after hours) no one was available. He then called 911. The customer then left on his own. Minutes late you called the store phone to see if everything was ok because you were notified that we had called 911! While there was no emergency, we certainly appreciate the fact that you were checking up on us!

Thank you Blacky, for always being responsive to our needs.

Best of luck for future business.

Julie M Berris Kemah Equity Partners, Inc.
Marine Street Market and Spirits
La Jolla, California

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