As a Home or Business owner and/or manager, you’ll enjoy tremendous benefits from the ability to record and/or monitor your video over the internet by watching it at your convenience, from anywhere. This ability is especially valuable when you have multiple business locations. You can significantly reduce budgetary expenses, by eliminating non-essential hardware such as a DVR, and still improve the security of your business. More business owners are now utilizing video as a training and management tool to improve the productivity of their employees.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look in from time to time and make sure that everything is at it should be, or to be automatically notified when an event occurs?

Benefits for business owner….
  • Are your employees performing as instructed during your absence?
  • Is your cash register properly cared for?
  • Is your cleaning service performing appropriately?
  • Are you staffing proportionately to known traffic flow?
  • Who’s stealing from you?
And the benefits for residential clients….
  • Have your children arrived home safely?
  • Do the neighbor’s kids swim in your pool when you’re away?
  • Is your automobile being vandalized?
Software benefits
  • Immediate notifications (Motion event detection)
  • User friendly “VCR” style buttons to review recorded video
  • 3, 7, 14, 32, 45 and 60 day fulltime video archiving available.
  • View cameras in Live or Archived mode
  • User name and password protection (Multiple user authority levels )
  • Web Based Application – No software to install.
  • View an unlimited number of cameras/locations.
  • No need to buy other cameras. (works with most legacy systems.)
  • Works with wireless cameras (analog cameras will also work)
  • Easily move a wireless camera from one spot to another
  • The system works with DSL, cable, cellular broadband and satellite networks.