FREE Home & CellPhone Service with E911 Service

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Nothing to lose, just your phone bill.

Backed by Google Voice.

TeQ I.Q. and Computer Troubleshooters provide FREE Home & CellPhone Service with E911 Service and Unlimited Calling to all of the USA and Canada. Let your phone be FREE!

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Quick Set Up

Be up and running in as little as an hour. No need for training. Just use your phone the same way you always have and get so many more features.

NO Monthly Costs.
NO Contract.
NO Computer Needed.
Low one-time setup fee and THAT'S ALL YOU PAY!!!
YES You you can call 911 Service for Emergency.
YES Talk as often and as long as you Like for FREE.
YES Talk to Anyone you Like in the USA and Canada for FREE.
YES Talk on the same Phone and Phone number you have now for FREE.
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling to all of USA and Canada.
  • Low International rates like 0.02 to Mexico and Europe landline phones.
  • FREE Caller ID.
  • FREE Call Screening.
  • FREE Call Waiting.
  • FREE Call Waiting ID.
  • FREE Call Forwarding.
  • FREE Call Forwarding No Answer.
  • FREE Call Forwarding Simultaneous Ringing .
  • FREE Conference Calling.
  • FREE Call Voice Mail.
  • FREE Unlimited Voice Mail Storage.
  • FREE Voice Mail-to-Email.
  • FREE Voice Mail-to-Text Message.
  • FREE Text Message-to-Email.
  • FREE Auto-Attendant/Receptionist.
  • FREE Night Mode/Holiday Scheduler.
  • FREE Text Messaging.
  • FREE Call Blocking.
  • FREE Android and iPhone App for making FREE Unlimited Calls on your Cellphone.
  • Listen to your Voice Mail, check your call history, and manage your phone features online from any computer.
  • And Much More...
Why Choose FREE Home Phone Service?
    • All-inclusive solution: All of the features use the same phones and service you have now.
    • NO monthly Cost with NO contract and NO commitment.
    • NO additional hardware or server. Plug in your phones and that's it.
    • Keep your existing phone numbers and Internet service.
    • Connect your phone wherever you are located.
    • Don't Miss Calls and Voice-Mails During A Blackout.
    • Have all your phones ring on your home phone.
    • Screen all your calls on your Home Phone and Cell Phones.
    • Have your cell phone ring at home even without cell coverage in your house.
    • Take your home phone anywhere in the world.
    • The call quality is great, we can show you a live demo before you order the service.
    • The service is very reliable and is backed by Google Voice.
    • If you have Google Voice you can use it as a Home Phone Service for FREE.
    • Have Redundancy (Backup) for your Home Phone Service or Office Phone Service.
    • FREE Emergency support 24/7.
Freedom to Call From Anywhere to Everywhere.

Have the ability to work from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Take your office phone or your home phone on the road. With advanced call forwarding options you can forward your office phone to any mobile or external number. Add a softphone and answer calls directly on your Laptop and on your SmartPhone (CellPhone).

For any further information or to see a FREE Live Demo call Robert Black 619-255-4180

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