TeQ I.Q. are experts in securing your valuable data (and reputation) from threats both internal and external. As the internet becomes more and more a part of normal business operations, so does the need to make sure your data is not only safe but also in compliance with any applicable industry or governmental requirements (such as HIPAA, GLBA, CIPA, SOX, Canada & UK Data Protection Acts, etc.). TeQ I.Q. can design a custom Security & Compliance program for you with some or all of these features:of computers and troubleshooters

  • Perimeter Defense keeps outside eyes from accessing your computers or data.
  • Endpoint Defense protects each PC on your network (including mobile solutions like laptops and smartphones)
  • Email Defense scans incoming and outgoing emails to find and remove viruses or other malware, while also retaining communications when required for regulatory compliance.
  • Document management: scan & store electronic copies of required documents, with scheduled future de struction dates to comply with archival regulations.
  • Employee activitiy monitoring (including IM) & reporting
  • Surveillance cameras & archiving
  • Network Policy-based security, including restricting use of USB-based storage.