Do you use Google Chrome on your phone? If so you may have found yourself frustrated more than once by having to tap the "see more results" button because you were unable to find what you were looking for in the first few search results.

If you've ever experienced that you will be glad to know that Google is rolling out a change that will do away with the frustrating "see more" button.

Instead you'll get a continuous scroll feature that will allow you to delve more deeply into the search results until you find exactly what you are looking for. It's a small change but we regard it as an excellent one.

If you live in the US you may already be seeing the new search behavior. If you don't see it yet you can expect to see it in the near future whether you're using an Android or an iOS device. Be aware however that due to the staggered nature of Google's roll-out the new functionality won't be available for every search you conduct.

Although this is a relatively small change it's a very good one that solves one point of frustration a great many users have when surfing the web on their smart devices. It also helps to bring Chrome's search functionality more in line with modern feed-style apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Google has a long history of going the extra mile when it comes to anything that improves user experience on the web. This is another step in that direction and it follows on the heels of the complete redesign of mobile search Google undertook at the start of 2021.

Kudos to Google for continuing to keep user experience at the forefront of so much of what they do. We think you'll like the change.


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