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Over the years, our businesses gather old computers and hardware. Often, this hardware contains sensitive data, such as, customer billing information, banking records, and more. Many of us hold on to this equipment not knowing what to do with it. Let's look at a few safe things you can do with older computer equipment, coming up next.

If you are like many of us, you have a small collection of outdated devices laying around the office. Here are three things you can do with that old equipment.

#1 Wipe the data - If you are thinking about getting rid of old computers you need to make sure the data is thoroughly destroyed. There are several software options available for this although removing and destroying the device may be necessary. You may need to seek professional help in some cases.

#2 Give your equipment new life - Re-purposing your old hardware may be an option. Perhaps that old computer in the corner can be used as a network storage device or a printer server. A simple internet search of "repurpose an old computer" will provide you several projects that don't have high requirements and can be run on older hardware.

#3 Donate or recycle your equipment - Once you have ensured your data is erased then donating or recycling your old hardware is a great option. Contact your IT provider or do a search for local electronics recycling to find some local recycling options. If the equipment is new enough you may even be able to donate it charity for a tax write-off.

If you have a collection of old equipment taking up valuable space then these tips will surely help. If you are unsure where to start or just need some help, give our team a call.

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