An effective internet presence is a must-have for any small business today. More and more customers are using web searches when they previously might have used yellow pages or other traditional sources, so a small business who doesn’t appear at or near the top of relevant web searches is going to miss out on potential business.

TeQ I.Q. and Computer and Troubleshooters office partners with small business website gurus around the country and around the world to make sure you get the right website for your business – at the right price!

Having a website, and even getting people to view your website, is not the goal: getting people to BUY from your website is what you really want. So we work with website designers who know how to create content that is compelling and informative for your website visitors, and thus more likely to facilitate sales. A “sale” might mean an actual purchase from your website, or a phone call or email from a prospect who wants to hire your firm based on the information they received from your site.

Our team of professional web designers are ready and able to solve your web issues. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the perfect website solution at an affordable cost.

AI and Workflow Automation

We now have AI and Workflow Automation with Live Customer Interaction with Website Video, Voice and Chat!