Search Engine Optimization (Organic)

Building on your content-oriented website, our designers will work with key search terms for your business to optimize your website based on the most recent search engine algorithms. Our consultants are skilled in building relevant, effective websites that rank well when local customers are searching for your offerings. They also constantly reassess the embedded keywords to make sure your website continues to move to the top of the search results. These search results are often called “organic” because they occur “naturally,” without any direct payment to the search engine. Search Engine Optimization also delivers a solid return on investment by promoting your site 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid)

A good search engine marketing campaign includes both organic and non-organic (paid) components. The key to an effective campaign is being able to work within our client’s budget to find the most effective balance of paid and organic advertisements. Our SEM partners work to manage your campaign so that each month your ads are updated
and refreshed based on the most recent search and keyword data for maximum results within your budget.

Social Media Marketing

Today’s most effective websites include social media components, which include blogging, social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and Myspace), business networks (LinkedIn), discovery sites (Digg, StumbleUpon), and multimedia (Youtube, Flikr). Incorporating a social marketing component increases the likelihood that your website will be discovered directly, plus it generally increases the organic search rankings of your website as well. SMM can also improve the effectiveness (sales rate) of your website by improving the perception potential customers have of your knowledge and services.

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