What if, instead of paying up front for new computers and software and troubleshooters and then worrying about when to upgrade them in the future, you could just pay a simple monthly fee to “rent” the technology you need, as you need it?

With a HaaS solution all your technology expenses – hardware, software, maintenance, and support – can be rolled into one easy monthly payment, which is often less than you’d pay if purchasing them yourself.

HaaS Example:

New Dell Server + FOUR New Desktop Computers w/ monitors.
Total price with installation: $3800 to $6000 if purchased traditionally.

Same systems, same installation PLUS 24/7 monitoring and all support: $300 to $660 per month (for everything) on a HaaS-style plan

For more information and to see if a HaaS solution is right for you, contact your TeQ I.Q. today!