Still filing the old fashioned way, with bulky filing cabinets and a myriad of folders and labels? Ever have to search the office to find out who has the client file you need? There’s a better way. Large companies have switched to digital document management systems to transform time-consuming manual filing & retrieval processes. Now TeQ I.Q. and Computer Troubleshooters is making the same technologies available to small businesses – at an affordable price.

Digital Document Management solutions not only speed file, storage, and retrieval processes, they also enable efficient collaboration for all your employees. Other benefits can include:

  • Immediate on-demand access to filed documents from any networked computer
  • (including optional remote access with proper authorization.)
  • Easy search & retrieval functions let you search for files based on customer, transaction type, date, or any other key information.
  • Related documents can be linked for easy retrieval.
  • Security & Privacy features limit access to selected information by user.
  • Easy Record retention assists in regulatory compliance.
  • Easy scanning & filing system.
  • Track file access for process monitoring and regulatory compliance.
  • Fewer bulky file cabinets & boxes taking up valuable office or expensive storage space.
  • Fewer filing errors & fewer opportunities for lost files.
  • No more wondering “Who has the Johnson file?”
  • Easy integration with Quickbooks or CRM systems.
Digital Document Management systems start at under $2000.

For a complete review of how to cut through your paper clutter for a more efficient, more productive office, contact TeQ I.Q. and Computer and Troubleshooter today!

Ask for a free copy of “The Paperless Office”, a whitepaper on the implications and realities organizations face in their attempts to go paperless, by Troy State University.