It’s something no business owner wants to think about: What would happen if tomorrow all your data were gone? All your client records, emails, documents, accounting files, artwork, and HR files –gone? History tells us that almost half (43%) of business who suffer catastrophic data loss will never reopen, and even more will be out of businesswithin a year. Small businesses are among the most vulnerable because too-often they lack full-time IT support, which means backups may not be running, or may not be backing up all critical files.

Fortunately TeQ I.Q has easy Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our available solutions range from simple, low-cost online backup options up to our Ultimate BDR solution which includes:

  • Near-Real-Time backup to a local BDR server device.
  • Simultaneous backup for 1 to 20 local Windows Servers.
  • Secure Remote Storage: all backup images are securely transmitted to two remote servers for maximum safety and protection from catastrophic disasters.
  • On-Site Virtual Server: In case of a Server Failure, our On-Site Virtual Server can be remotely configured to assume the functions of the dead machine in about an hour. This allows our clients to continue working while we work to repair the dead server, and makes restoring the data to the repaired server very quick and easy.
  • Data Restoration: Local restoration from the On-Site Virtual Server is quick and easy. In case of a catastrophic situation where all data and the On-Site Virtual Server is lost, a replacement Virtual Server can be configured from the remote images and shipped to the client site (or an alternate site) within a few days.
  • Complete Management: For BEST clients, The Ultimate BDR solution is monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Center, and in the case of any problems or issues TeQ I.Q is immediately alerted.