Are you transforming business operations with cutting-edge AI tools? Although rudimentary artificial intelligence forms circulated for a while, modified versions with advanced capabilities took business owners and the news by storm in recent years. Below, you’ll discover the risks and benefits of popular AI tools. 

Examples of AI Tools

There are three main types of AI:

  • Process automation: This type of AI takes on tasks that would otherwise consume lots of time for a human. Tasks may range from replacing lost bank cards for banking clients to consuming information and producing it in a readable form. 
  • Cognitive insight: This technology uses data to visualize patterns, especially in human behavior. They can assist with security efforts and customer purchasing patterns.  
  • Cognitive engagement: These AI models assist with customer and employee queries. They often take the form of chatbots.  

AI Risks and Benefits

AI software now manages tasks like basic writing, image production, and service automation, supplying businesses and employees with more time for other tasks. However, business owners shouldn’t solely rely on AI for any given task. You need the human touch to ensure accuracy and protect assets and relationships. 

Data Analytics

Data privacy is a topic that continuously arises in the public sphere. With AI applications taking on the bulk of data analysis tasks, many internet users have concerns about how these apps use and process their data. This is especially true for businesses relying on AI assistance for major HR decisions.

Content Curation

AI-driven writing and graphic design tasks are all the rage among business owners transforming business operations with cutting-edge AI tools. In just under two minutes, an application can take any prompt and produce pieces of writing and art. However, creative AI tools mostly consume information before regurgitating it. 

This leads to continuity issues or inaccurate or outdated facts. AI can’t duplicate or parrot human emotions and experiences. Therefore, it doesn't generate authentic human experiences. 

Automate Interactions

Businesses have utilized automated interactions with customers and employees for nearly a decade. While automation unloads basic interactions off of customer service representatives, it cannot satisfy every customer’s in-depth needs. It can also put customer information in jeopardy without proper security precautions in place.  

Cautiously Transforming Business Operations with Cutting-Edge AI Tools

If you are transforming business operations with cutting-edge AI tools, exercise extreme caution. The consistent improvements and growing list of capabilities also mean that AI tools may lack governance and proper security measures. Although your chosen AI software will positively impact your bottom line, it can also:

  • Frustrate customers and employees who demand security for sensitive data
  • Alienate people who need assistance from a human who understands the system

Provide outdated or inaccurate information in content curation

Transforming business operations with cutting-edge AI tools requires careful planning and management. Research the risks associated with your preferred AI tools. Then, speak with your IT team about crafting proper protections that defend your business, staff, and customers while enabling continued success.


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