Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer a safe path through the digital landscape. VPNs make a secure tunnel that encodes your information. This encryption protects details like what websites you visit or which apps you use. However, recent reports have shown that some VPNs need to be safer.

Risks of Unsafe VPNs

A study by Zscaler found that 88% of businesses worry about breaches due to VPN problems. The main worries are phishing and ransomware attacks. Almost half of these businesses have been targets of attacks, exploiting a flaw in their VPN service. The flaws usually involve outdated protocols or data leaks.

The Impact of VPN Vulnerabilities

What does this mean for your business? Simply put, you are more at risk of cyber threats. Last year, one in five companies experienced an attack, and one in three had a ransomware attack through VPNs. Even third-party vendors can be at risk, leading to supply chain attacks.

How Zero-Trust Architecture Helps

One solution businesses are finding practical to use is a zero-trust architecture. This is a system where nobody and nothing is trusted by default. Each user and device has to prove who they are, even on a secure network. Adopting zero-trust involves strong identity checks, checking device compliance before allowing access, and giving minimal access rights.

Choosing a VPN and Zero-Trust Provider

There are many benefits to a good VPN service. It can stop hackers from getting your data, allow you to access important information that might be blocked, and prevent your data from being misused by social media platforms. 

Is it safe to use a VPN? Usually, it is if you research and pick the best service. Be careful when choosing a zero-trust partner. You need to make sure you are getting what the service promises.

Here are some tips to make your VPN safer:

  • Keep your VPN updated to prevent outdated protocols.
  • Choose a trusted VPN service to stop data leaks.
  • Use a zero-trust architecture in your business.
  • Ask the right questions before choosing a zero-trust partner.

Keeping Your Business Safe Online

VPNs are a vital part of keeping online data private. But with growing worries about VPN safety, it’s essential to understand the risks and do what you can to keep your business safe. A zero-trust architecture and a trusted VPN service can make your business safer against cyber threats. As the online world changes, the ways we protect ourselves must change, too. Your business’s safety is worth the effort.


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