Meme culture has taken over the web, and whatever you think of it, it’s here to stay. A meme is an image with text on it, typically designed to elicit a laugh — but sometimes just to annoy the viewer.

You can easily create your own memes through a variety of free tools and apps. If someone tries to turn you into a meme (and yes, it does happen), then you can fight back with a meme of your own. Here’s how to get started.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator is probably the easiest tool on the internet to use. It provides access to the most popular memes and automatically positions the text. For example, the “Change my Mind” meme will automatically position any text on the sign. Even after the text has been entered, you can reposition it within the image.

The best features of Meme Generator include:

  • Thousands of different meme templates to choose from.
  • Automatically positions text within the meme.
  • Powerful search tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Clip art tools let you customize your memes.

Make a Meme

Make a Meme is another website that makes it incredibly easy to create a meme. It has a host of features that allow even the most artistically-challenged person to create hilarious images, such as:

  • A database of hundreds of meme formats to choose from and customize.
  • Powerful search and organizational tools to make navigating that database easier.
  • A full suite of tools to customize the meme’s font size, text color, and much more.
  • Options that allow you to purchase custom mugs and other products with your meme.
  • Submission tools that allow you to post directly to Reddit after you create a meme.


Mematic is one of the best apps for creating memes on the go, especially for iOS. Although many mobile creation tools lack power, Mematic has a lot of great options:

  • Multiple layouts provide full customization, including freestyle memes, captions above the image, side by side quotes, and more.
  • Both a free and paid tier to choose from.
  • Upload your own meme or choose from popular formats.
  • Multiple background color choices and image options.


Canva is a popular free tool for editing images, but did you know it also has a meme creation too? Canva makes it easy to make your own meme thanks to its suite of creation tools:

  • Hundreds of meme formats can easily be navigated thanks to powerful search tools.
  • The template automatically places text boxes in all relevant places.
  • Formatting tools and special effects allow for unlimited creativity.
  • No account is required, but creating a free account removes the Canva watermark.


Imgur might be best known for the place where users can find any and all memes (after all, it’s the main site Reddit uses to show images.) It isn’t as well known as a meme creation tool, but Imgur Meme Generator is one of the best free options out there.

  • Users can choose between default, popular memes or uploading their own image.
  • Text fields can be customized by increasing their size or rotating their position within the meme.
  • Created images are instantly published and provide users with a URL.
  • Straightforward tools make it fast and simple to create memes.


DIYLOL is a rather simplistic tool that doesn’t offer as many customization options on the list, but allows for fast meme creation from already-popular formats.

  • Users can choose from 12 different meme formats
  • Additional text boxes can be added with just a click
  • Users can customize the font size, color, and width
  • Memes can be downloaded easily by selecting Download Your Image!


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