On December 5th, 2022, Google announced on Twitter that it is bringing continuous scrolling to the United States desktop users.

Traditionally, while searching on Google, users could wander through pages to find the information they need. With continuous scrolling, desktop users can see up to six pages of search results at once by scrolling down to the bottom. Once users reach the bottom of the search, a "see more" button will show more results.

Google implemented the continuous scrolling feature on mobile devices in October 2021. On mobile, the continuous scrolling feature is limited to four pages. However, the feature allows more results to load automatically as the user reaches the bottom of the page.

In addition to helping users find information faster, the continuous scrolling feature will increase visibility for sites not ranked within the first page or two on Google. Users had to click the "next page" button to view more results, which limited some websites' visibility.

Continuous scrolling isn't a revolutionary concept. It is widely used throughout most social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. While continuous scrolling can create a simpler and quicker way to browse the internet, some users may miss the older search engine results page (SERP). The pages were a natural break for users to consider if they had all the necessary information.

Google is dedicated to providing all internet users with a seamless and enjoyable search experience. It is certain that the latest feature, continuous scrolling, will be available in all languages and devices worldwide over time.


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