Are you a QuickBooks user? If so you're going to be thrilled by the company's recent announcement that Excel integration is coming soon.

You read that correctly. Soon you will be able to sync QuickBooks and Excel which should simplify your life a great deal. This is but the latest in a long line of similar moves Intuit QuickBooks has made.

Over the past few years the company has integrated their wildly popular software with a variety of other platforms like, HubSpot, LeanLaw and DocuSign.

Alex Chriss is QuickBook's Executive VP and General Manager.

He had this to say about the recent announcement:

"Further reducing complex workflows through automation, coupled with powerful customization capabilities, will enhance performance and scalability and allow businesses at a critical point in their journey to reach a new level of growth...

Customers will be able to sync data between Excel and QuickBooks Online Advanced automatically. This much-requested capability will help businesses save time and further streamline data syncing at critical points in their business journey, whether they're adopting accounting software or seeking enhanced reporting that delivers greater visibility into their operations.

Customers will be able to build custom reports, in a tool they already use, without compromising on convenience or accuracy of data."

If you run a business of any size this is great news indeed. If you aren't currently using QuickBooks and your current accounting software is leaving you underwhelmed now is a great time to give QuickBooks a try. It is a solution hundreds of thousands of business owners rely on. Given the large and growing number of integrations available it's easy to understand why.

Kudos to QuickBooks for going the extra mile and working so hard to create added value for their customers.


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