Earlier this year, Google introduced a new and improved Gmail that gave users virtually unlimited customization options. In addition to that, it included some exciting new AI-based features that cut down on repetitive tasks and made email management significantly easier. These advancements are important in this day and age, given the sheer volume of messages most of us tend to get.

iOS Gmail users have historically lagged behind their Android counterparts, but that finally seems to be changing.  In the company's most recent update, iOS Gmail users will at long last get access to a feature that Android users have been enjoying for quite some time:  An "All Inboxes" view.  This view allows an iOS Gmail user to access all of their email messages from all of their Gmail accounts in a single inbox.

The new feature isn't yet available - there's no mention of it on the release notes on the App Store, but in coming weeks, it will put in a long overdue appearance.

That's big news because many people have more than one Gmail account.  At present, to access their various inboxes on Apple devices, the only option is to go to the navigation drawer and "switch user."  Needless to say, it's a cumbersome operation that takes more time than it should.

Once the new feature becomes available, all you'll need to do to access it will be to go to the left-hand side of the navigation drawer and select the "all inboxes" option.

It should be noted that although this view puts all your emails under one umbrella for viewing, none of those mails are actually shared between the various accounts you have.  There is no cross-pollination of inboxes; it is simply a single view that allows you to access them all at once.  It's a great move and we're thrilled to finally see it.

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