Why Your SMB Should Be Accepting PayPalAll of the recent security breaches have some retailers running from online payment solutions like PayPal, a huge, multi-billion dollar platform that serves as a third party between a merchant and a buyer. However, this should not be the case: in fact, PayPal can protect you from problems that security breaches on your own networks would not. Other than just security, there are a few good reasons your business should be accepting PayPal starting today.

It’s Really, Really Easy

No joke: setting up PayPal is a quick process for just about anyone. While there are a couple of hoops to jump through if you’re a small business or want to enable instant transfers, it’s all very easy to do if you have an hour of spare time. It’s also all done online, so you never have to talk to anyone on the phone. Once your PayPal is set up, adding a button to your website (or adding it as a payment method) is easy as well, as PayPal has all of the tools ready for you to use on their website.

It’s Inexpensive

Some payment solutions can charge you an arm and a leg, and sometimes that can be a little discouraging for a business that already has tight margins. While PayPal’s features aren’t all free, they also don’t have any sort of subscription model that can wipe a business out. They simply skim a little off the top of every transaction, and it’s generally under 3%. If for some reason you need to refund a payment, PayPal gives the money they took right back to your client, too – no one loses anything, and everything is still processed through PayPal.

It Can Go Mobile

Are you on the go? No problem. PayPal Now is designed for people on the go. You can either hook in a little card reader into your phone jack or you can simply type in a credit card number to PayPal to accept a payment. The money shows up in your PayPal account immediately, and if you have a PayPal debit card, you can use it immediately, too.

PayPal Protection

In addition to having all of the features above, PayPal Protection is one of the most powerful protection plans for consumers and businesses alike. If a business shorts a customer and won’t respond to claims, PayPal can take care of that refund when the transaction is done through PayPal. This may give your clients more peace of mind when they give you money. In addition, if a client says something happened and it didn’t and they choose to escalate a claim to a dispute, PayPal will mediate and take evidence from both sides and make a fair ruling. This way, it’s all on record and as long as you can prove you did everything correctly, PayPal can save you some time and money and rule in your favor.

PayPal is so easy, so cheap, so versatile and a great judge – there is no reason that it shouldn’t be a staple in your office.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator